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Tomorrow, Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky are hosting a free online workshop about a simple online method that ANYONE can use to make hundreds of dollars with minimal work and no prior experience.

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Hi, If you are running a eCom store or planning to do sooon you need to know the 2 most important steps to get more sales from your traffic, which are:

  1. Tracking all your traffic
  2. Retargeting high quality traffic

You work hard to get your traffic and hundreds of potential customers visits your store shop each day and look at your products but not everyone will buy.

And when they exit the store and they are gone forever.

But what if there is a way to reconnect with each of these potential customers and remind them about the product they showed interest in your store.

Imagine how powerful is that and how many sales you will be leaving on the table if you don’t reconnect with them. It is called retargeting.

Using Audience Press you’ll be able to reconnect with the lost traffic and sales which will boost your store income exceptionally.

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You can much more than just retargeting with Audience Press.

It has a powerful built-in tracking feature that allows you to track all your traffic from multiple sources and allows you to ‘see’ which traffic source converts the most amount of sales for your store.

With Audience Press you’ll make more sales and spend lesser.

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13,000+ Brand New, High Impact Media Assets For Pennies on the Dollar!

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This resource was just way too good for me to pass up & not share with you.

If you have ever found yourself looking for that (perfect) image for your websites, book covers, twitter pictures. inside your Kindle books or on your blog, to post in social media, OR etc. etc. etc. (You get the point)

You NEED this image pack.

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It’s 10,000+ Royalty Free high quality images & another 3k + assorted premium Stock Media Assets for only $12.97. (Valued Over $15k)

That’s less than 13 bucks … HOLY CRAP.

Conservative estimate, this package is worth over 15 GRAND!!

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Push-Button Content Creation on a silver platter!

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Effortless content creation at your fingertips:

Let me ask you …do you hate finding cool content for your blogs? Or your Facebook FanPages, or any of your sites whatsoever?

It takes forever…right?

I know I hate it! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to research for a post, write the post, post it to your site…the list of things to do just to write a single post are endless!

…Heck, it could take at least an hour for a single post! When you could be spending your time on more important things like working on the next money-making idea for your next big project.

Now imagine this…having something at your fingertips…something that would just take you seconds to upload to your websites and the end result being instant engaging, really cool, high-quality and unique content.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s NOT!

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Discover how you can get fresh content in an instant on any topic for any niche for your blog or FanPage.

And for the instant and unlimited content there are no monthly fees, no article spinning required and no risk of plagiarism!

You can use Blog Fusion on an unlimited number of blogs and drive traffic and build authority almost instantly!

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Just when you thought marketing was boring, a thrilling new strategy slaps you in the face and gets your heart beating again.

That’s the tingling sensation you’ll experience while feasting your eyes on this video from Jeremy Kennedy.

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And while the video is exciting, the method is even more steamy.

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