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Build a NEW TYPE of list with Skype

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Let me share with you this breaking news.

According to techcrunch.com, top tech news site owned by verizon, messaging apps like skype, Facebook messenger, KIK, telegram, and others are becoming a new communication platform which degrades or replaces email for growing number of people.

Techcrunch reports also that top 4 messaging apps now have more active users than top 4 social networks combined.

In addition, the top messenger apps just released official support for messaging bots, which opened them for the first time ever for entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses.

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MessengerContact is a software which allows you to build a list of people who use Skype and other top messaging apps and broadcast promotions to them without the use of email.

So, with the use of MessengerContact your are no longer forced to rely on email to be able to promote to your subscribers.

It has similar features to email autoresponder, but instead of sending emails you can send messages straight to a prospect’s messenger app.

You can build messenger users list, and just like with an email list, you can then promote your offers to people on that list.

You can create lists, follow-up sequences, instant & scheduled broadcasts, broadcasts to people who did not click previous broadcast, and much more.

MessengerContact allows you to send unlimited messages, create unlimited lists, and create unlimited follow up sequences.

Prospects can subscribe to your subscribers list from a web link or directly from within their messaging app.

Messages are delivered to prospects in near real-time, so they can instantly take action.

MessengerContact direct message broadcast is a new way to skyrocket traffic and sales.

With ever increasing onslaught on email inbox, it is really hard to get people attention to open an email, and then click a link inside.

MessengerContact cuts through distraction and enables instant messaging and response.

You would get way more traffic and sales after MessengerContact for Skype is added to your promo mix.

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Microsoft has just released, for the first time ever, framework for Skype which allowed us to make module for that messenger app.

Skype currently has over 300 millions active users, and now you can have ability to promote to them.

MessengerContact skype module allows you to build Skype users’ list and send unlimited promotions and follow-up-messages to them.

Skype app works on Mac, PC, Android and iOS, so you will be able to send your messages to both computers and mobile devices.

Promotions sent to Skype messenger are very powerful because the prospect is alerted by the Skype app about waiting message, and the alert stays active until the prospect looks at your message.

You can use broadcast to promote your own products, affiliate offers, webinar, and anything else.

The more subscribers across all types of lists you have, the more sales you can make.

Message broadcast is a future of direct marketing so this is your unique opportunity to be at the ground zero of new wave of marketing, and rip all the benefits of first mover’s advantage.

Those who are first to use messenger autoresponder have the best chance to build huge list fast before everybody else catches up.

After you get MessengerContact with skype module on this page, you will have opportunity to get access to modules for more top messengers apps.

So do not miss access to 300 millions skype users, get MessengerContact with skype module license now, and we will see you inside the member area.

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[GET] Instant Funnel Machine Review – Download

Build high converting squeeze funnels – No Monthly Fees

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Business owners and marketers are loving this amazing squeeze funnel builder!

This is a must have tool if you’re serious about generating leads, building your list and growing your business.

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Building squeeze page and its funnels had been a daunting task for many, especially newbies and those with little or no technical skills.

That is now a thing of the past.

With Instant Funnel Machine you don’t need high-level coding or programming skills (none of that required) and you can build designer-level squeeze funnels.

You can have any squeeze funnel page style done for you – ANYHOW you want. It’s all point and click!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to create squeeze funnels like a pro – with ZERO technical knowledge!

See It To Believe It:

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Sure, there are other ways to build your pages but they usually charge a monthly fee of sorts. But with Instant Funnel Machine, it’s a one-time investment for long-term use in your business.

Act now though, there’s no guarantee the introductory price will remain this low for long:

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[GET] Arbitrage CPA Machines Review – Download

(SHOCKING) These guys are making 6-figure per month with CPA…

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I know you have heared a lot of cases that FB is pretty strict with

CPA marketers, banning accounts happending every day…

But… does making good CPA money with FB possible?

The answer is yes!

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Our fellow CPA maketers Flemin Goh and Dr. Liming Wu are achieving breakthroughs with their method, and they are profiting $2k a day with facebook traffic now.

The good news is these guys are preparing a new product launch called – Arbitrage CPA machines, and inside the system, they are showing detailed steps how $2k a day with FB is achieved… this is going to be a life changer as

I know, since their last product launches really helped a lot of guys getting good results on CPA.

Stay tuned.

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[GET] Color to Profits Review – Download

1.6 million people engage in THIS activity monthly, here’s how to make EASY profits from it

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Nope it’s not what you think.

I’m talking about the adult coloring craze that’s sweeping the nation (and soon the world) by storm. Search Google for “adult coloring books” and you’ll understand what I mean.

There’s a prime opportunity RIGHT NOW for business owners and entrepreneurs to make crazy money from this emerging phenomenon. 5 million adult coloring books were sold in 2015 experts say that number’s gonna TRIPLE for 2016.

Before, you needed expensive graphic design programs and the know-how to use them to create these coloring books:

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Mastermind Marketers Sam England and Christopher Pendergraft have partnered with a professional artist to bring you 50+ of the most BEAUTIFUL, INTRICATE designs guaranteed to appeal to adult coloring book fans.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply choose from the 50+ handcrafted, beautiful designs and use Microsoft Word or Open Office to create your profit generating adult coloring book!

Don’t miss your chance, copies are limited!

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[GET] Mobile Renegade Review. Mobile Renegade Download

Fastest data scraper on the market. Quickly find Business to business leads for any market!

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  • Fully automated: Get 1000’s of fresh, responsive leads at the press of a button
  • Cleans, filters, scrubs and cherry picks the freshest, targeted and qualified list
  • No more wasting time on stale leads that don’t need your service
  • Find clients that are hungry for the services you provide and ready to buy
  • Advanced grid controls that allows you sort, clean and filter your leads in mere seconds
  • Export your leads in CSV format to send to VA’s or phone rooms
  • Import your records to contact to follow up and better mine your leads
  • Build-in proxy support for power users

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[GET] Reverse Sales Method Review & Download

This is a a strategy of how we made over $30,000 in 30 days giving away our local marketing services for free. All revealed inside a comprehensive step by step video training course.

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The Reverse Sales Method is a video training course. We have packaged up our entire formula, method and system into an easy to follow, STEP BY STEP, video training course…that absolutely ANYONE can follow.

There are 5 modules, each one walking you through each step of our formula. We show you what we sell, how we setup free trials for 6 different services, how we price, how we get that huge 97% conversion rate on free to paid…and ultimately how you can do the same.

All you have to do is COPY and FOLLOW everything step by step?

Can you do that?

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[GET] Online Profits Guaranteed PLR Package Review. Online Profits Guaranteed Download

Unlike everything else out there, this requires no experience, no product of your own, and no large investment.

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In fact, for a very brief period of time, you can get inside for only $7.

The package includes over $3,000.00 worth of done-for-you material and training that will finally show you how to profit fast.

Literally everything you need is right here.

Satisfy your curiosity and check it out right now.

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